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Social Institutions Essay Example

Social Institutions Essay Social Institutions are a lot of sorted out convictions and decides that are to build up how society will meet fundamental capacities. Social establishments are fundamental and essential to the human culture. Social establishments give structure to conduct in specific pieces of public activity. There are a few sorts of Social establishments, for example, broad communications, the legislature, the economy, family, and the medicinal services framework (Schaefer R. T. , Pg. 113). Every one of these social foundations recorded cross and are interrelated meeting up and influencing our day by day life. I have decided to concentrate this paper on a social organization that isn't recorded over; the social establishment of training. Training is both a social establishment and an association. Training is where instructed educators show abilities, information and qualities to understudies. Instruction has been in our history since the 1950’s. Every individual has the option to have instruction whether youthful or old. People need training to set them up for managing the issues in regular daily existence. This gives us an understanding to why instruction sets one up for life as a grown-up. In the time that we live presently schools are in rivalry with other social establishments and our legislature has been ineffective in fulfilling all needs of instruction. The historical backdrop of instruction expresses that training served both the monetary and political needs however this has changed. Underneath I will take a gander at the hypotheses by they way they identify with instruction and are spoken to by people, society and the social change. The Functionalist viewpoint is a sociological methodology which underlines the manner by which the pieces of a general public are organized to keep up its dependability (Schaefer R. T. , Pg. 14). We will compose a custom exposition test on Social Institutions explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom article test on Social Institutions explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom article test on Social Institutions explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer This implies one would not work without the other. Training plays out various significant administrations each adding to the activity and upkeep of the entire framework. Functionalist accepts that there are fundamental elements of instruction, transmission of social qualities, social control, monetary preparing and social choice. The functionalist makes progress toward steadiness as opposed to struggle and change, for changes could confound the equalization of social frameworks. As per the functionalist hypothesis Education affects the perspective on people who are a piece of training in light of the fact that a scaffold is seen among family and society. Schools transmit fundamental beliefs of society, also an interpersonal organization for the youthful empowering advancement and social change. The instructive framework is viewed as reasonable, the schools train what worthy conduct is and what is unsuitable. Functionalist accepts that in each general public there is the option to manage a portion of the citizen’s exercises. Youthful ones are set up for grown-up jobs and positions through the socialization of instruction. Work is given to training to address issues of our economy. Without the economy our schools would not have the option to endure. Functionalist guarantee that the instructive establishments give the preparation of abilities, expected to satisfy occupations in the public eye, without these families would not have the option to endure either. As indicated by the functionalist see there is a high level of equity for circumstance in the instructive framework. The functionalists stress the connection between the economy and instruction. We as a whole profit by the advantages of the instructive framework. There are contrasts between the social class and training; people are allocated to capacities by instruction as opposed to by class. The functionalist hypothesis recommends that as a general public creates they become unpredictable and related. Emphasing social request as opposed to social change. These causing contrasts that will be coordinated overall. This significance change doesn't happen however structures inside society change or rise to make up for the change. The change happens and the structures are incorporated to guarantee smooth working, this considering social request to be accomplished through the procedure of socialization, training and authorizes. The perspective on society by functionalism is influenced by society since they accept that the general public must capacity together or it will self-destruct, requiring a framework that will ingrain convictions and qualities in every part, for example, the school, accepting that the individuals who work the hardest will be the main ones to exceed expectations in the public eye. The functionalist accept that the meritocratic culture where society depends on capacity and exertion as opposed to a benefit and legacy expressing that society works better when instruction is available. The more the abilities of an individual the better the general public will be, and the more training would require less disparity. Understudies learn ethics and the good are a piece of the general public and have a section in the general public this forestalling the disappointment of society permitting one to feel a piece of the general public. In light of contention hypothesis society comprises of various gatherings that battle with each other to acquire the social assets that are accessible, these being cash, force, eminence, or potentially the position to force one’s incentive inside the general public. The contention hypothesis accepts emphatically in change, dismisses security and its main responsibility is to control. Instruction can be utilized by incredible gatherings to restrict open doors for those of less force in the general public. The contention hypothesis people see training as a capacity to apply control over another. Since training depends on class, understudies are naturally introduced to the social framework; this decides their conduct. Every understudy is seen distinctively accordingly in being educated and treated contrastingly by the individuals who might be of a higher class in the general public. This is cause for imbalance which the contention scholars feel that there is little that should be possible about the disparity without more extensive changes. This outcomes in a great deal of disarray among understudies and educators. For instance one school educates in one way and the other may instruct in a totally extraordinary way. The contention hypothesis is seen as an opposition between understudies, absence of influence, impact, riches are totally seen as one’s own shortcoming. As per struggle hypothesis social changes in not avoidable in the public arena. At the point when society arrives at a point the association structures boundaries to assist financial development because of ground-breaking gatherings and as the intrigue change does as well society. Society endeavors through force, strength, and authority. The most remarkable individuals will make the standards for one to succeed and for the open doors in the general public, this permitting the gatherings to keep the force and authority. The functionalist and strife point of view are comparable here and there. The two of them look at similar capacities, and concur that the instructive framework works on arranging however they differ on how arranging sanctions. Both have a structuralism in the way to deal with instruction, focusing on the social establishments as opposed to the people. The thoughtfulness regarding the understudies and educator communication is little this including how the instructor or understudy may decipher what goes on in the schools. When taking a gander at the cooperation point of view it centers around regular social communication among the people as opposed to the enormous social structures, for example, legislative issues and training. The collaboration viewpoint places center around the up close and personal social connection between the understudy and the instructor while in the study hall. Perceiving the social desires and implications as a piece of association; this assuming a significant job in what the understudies realize and achieve too how they feel about themselves. Ones public activity is controlled by expected practices this significance an individual will gains from correspondence and social collaborations. Internationalists overlook the way that social establishments, for example, family, religion, and the economy have part in trim the human conduct. The Interactions point of view guarantees that instructive fulfillment is developed through instructor desires and within the schools. The schools mark the understudies as per their evaluations, and self is controlled by communication. Worries of connection are made consistently about the day by day life and encounters. Self is seen by how others see the individual and how the individual reacts and builds up their reaction. How individuals decipher items and implications around them is the assurance of social change. Social communications at that point change viewpoint on the review of something, desires and limits are then changed. Change is a dynamic and consistent component of society. Our general public is made by the individuals who exist and act, society will consistently be evolving. References Schaefer R. T. , Sociology: A Brief Introduction eighth Edition, McGraw Hill Companies, Inc. 2009. http:www. cliffnotes. com/WileyCDA/CliffsReviewTopic/Theories-of-Education. topicAtricle www. educationforum. co. uk/sociology_2/roleofeducationpptt. ppt http://www. edu. utas. edu. au/clients/pthrosse/ED4-99/HaraHolborn. htm

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Surgical Tech Resume Examples, Template, and Resume Tips

Surgical Tech Resume Examples, Template, and Resume Tips We all used to watch that amazing and legendary The Scrubs TV series, and we all identified with their daydreams and ambitions even though we know it was just a show. Okay, not all of us, but real-life scrubs certainly did.Only those among you involved in this highly-dynamic profession can confirm the countless obstacles and challenges on a daily basis. Even when doing the simplest task such as writing the surgical tech resume.As silly as it sounds, this piece of paper you submit to the potential employer should persuade him/her that you are the most ideal candidate there is. And knowing that competition is merciless, the task put before you is not an easy one.But, we came up with a detailed and complex guide to help you create a CV that will enchant the recruiters and maximize your chances.Wanna hear more?Stay tuned to find out how to create a flawless CV for a surgical technician and optimize every section to point out your qualities in the best way.Surgical Technician Resume Examp le Right Lead Surgical Technologist Resume Example Right Create your own resumeThese were two examples of how your CV should look like when youre surgical tech looking for the job. Now we shall dive deeper into each of the sections, and guide you step by step to make sure that you will fill each of the segments correctly (read: recruiter-friendly!)You can also try the luck with our convenient resume builder and optimize your CV for any job that you are interested in. Within just several clicks you will have a brand-new resume suitable for any advertisement.MINOR SURGERY NEEDED TO MAKE PERSONAL INFO ON YOUR SURGICAL TECH CV LOOKS PERFECTEven though this section is the same all over again, and it seems that nothing could go wrong with a bunch of basic data, still, there are some small but significant differences that either minimize or maximize the chances to get the job you applied for.Some basic rule to follow here is- stick only to the necessary information. You don’t have to write anything that may make you feel uncomfortable or revea l something too personal (such as bank ID number and similar).Things like your full name, phone number, and address (primarily e-mail) do not belong to those “highly confidential data” you would want to hide from your future boss.I mean, if those aren’t listed on your CV, how on Earth will someone get in touch with you to tell you that you’ve got the job?!Photo is not a mandatory ingredient in every resume unless specified in the job advertisement, so yours is to decide whether you want to include or omit it. However, if it is required, and you exclude it, that will only be an eliminatory factor.I mean, if you were sloppy enough not to pay attention to that detail, that pic is needed, the same may reflect while assisting the surgeon during the operation. THAT’S HOW the recruiter will resonate with the situation, so don’t let that happen.E-Mail us what you should particularly focus on. When younger, people create some silly e-mail addresses just because it’s funny.But, when the time comes to send that to your potential boss, you don’t feel quite comfortable that some silly address will sound serious and persuasive enough.The feeling is right, so if you haven’t got it, creating a new one is just several clicks, and the whole perspective looks different. Here’s the practical example to show you what we WrongThings are pretty straightforward, as far as your full name is concerned. If something silly-sounding is a no-no for e-mail in your surgical tech resume, it’s even HUGER no-no for your name.Stay clear of nicknames, pseudonyms, and alias names, at least in the resume. Your real name is the data your recruiters are interested in.Madeline Atwell RightMaddie Atwell WrongAs for your profession, try to be as specific and precise as possible. Listing the broad field should be avoided, but in case that’s your first job, it’s okay. Though, you can still write something like j unior, and similar.Even that will look much better than just “surgical technician”.Writing your previous job title is also a good option because it will give a hint of what your field of expertise is. All in all, it should be something related to the position you’re applying for now.Lead Surgical Technician RightSurgical Technician WrongYour social media, if you use any, is a valuable ingredient of your CV. This particularly goes for LinkedIn, as it represents an extension to your CV. If you decide to include it, make sure the data are up to date.Do know that this network is a professional one, so avoid complaining about the job as your employers may see that.You can include Twitter as well, and as for Fb, that’s entirely up to you.If you ask us, the best would be to avoid it, because it features plenty of private details that may not be suitable for the eyes of the recruiters.THESE ARE THE HOTTEST TIPS TO CREATE A CATCHY SUMMARY SECTION IN SURGICAL TECH CVAs a surgical te ch, it’s quite natural that you are detail-oriented and use that virtue when creating your CV.This mini intro and a brief recap of your work experience should grab the reader’s attention after the first several words.No one says that it has to be a punchy intro for some action movie, but don’t let the summary section sound dull and boring either.These are some directions to follow, things to do and those to avoid:Be well-focused on the entire procedure, just as the surgeon is while operating. Exercise that skill when creating a resume. If skateboard is not something you find in the operation room, then the summary shouldn’t feature some details that cannot be found in the rest of your resume. Make sure the information is adjusted.Have reasonable expectations. Even if you cooperated with the most renowned surgeons on your previous job, that certainly doesn’t mean the job you are applying for is guaranteed. So, point that out in your resume, follow our tips, and the chances will be quite big.Don’t put the recruiter to sleep. If the HR has started yawning after reading just one of the sections from your resume, that’s bad. Your resume needs to sound engaging and catchy, you must not bore the reader to death. Keep things to the point, without insufficient details.An ideal structure for the great summary usually consists of approximately three sentences revealing your skillsets, and experience.If this is the first job you are applying for and there’s no experience, you can list the university or college you graduated from and perhaps at least one reason why you are interested in this job in particular.These are some practical examples for writing this section:SummaryCertified surgical technologist with 8+ years of experience with solid knowledge of basic anatomy, physiology, operating room, and patient safety, body substance isolation, and medical terminology. Working on the establishment of healthy, energized surroundings where team members support each other to enhance patient care and satisfaction. Seeking an opportunity to upgrade the experience in different fields of surgery. RightSummaryCertified surgical technologist with plenty of experience. Knowledge of basic anatomy. Seeking an opportunity to develop. WrongHaving a bland summary will lead to competition beating you. Even if you are the most qualified candidate for the job, if you have a dull summary, no one will even pay attention to you, let alone expect anything from you. So, spice it up a little bit but keep it correct.HAVE A PRECISENESS OF A SURGEON WHEN WRITING THE EXPERIENCE SECTION IN SURGICAL TECH RESUMEThe Experience section in a surgical tech resume or any other CV is maybe the most significant aspect.This segment features valuable info about your previous experience and gives hints to the future employer in which way will you contribute to the company you are applying for.These data give precise information on how long you have worked somewhere, what we re your duties and obligations and did you change working places frequently or you have some steady flow in your previous career.When including those in your CV, list them in bullet points for easier navigation.The mentioned duties and obligations will imply if you are suitable for the position you are interested in, how fast can you adapt, are you a quick learner and can you work independently. Efficiency is one of the key values in surgery, so if you have that, chances to get the job are quite high. Right WrongIf you are a junior applicant with no previous experience, then this section will either be an empty one or you can list some previous jobs from your college days that has nothing to do with surgery.The choice is entirely yours, but perhaps it’s much better to focus on boosting other sections, than listing you have worked in KFC or local cafeteria.Even though this will most certainly imply that you are hard-working, this has nothing to do with being a surgical tech, and won’t tell the recruiter anything about your skills in the operating room.THIS IS HOW TOP SCRUBS ACE THE EDUCATION SECTION WHEN WRITING RESUMEEven though people commonly believe that recruiters don’t pay attention to the Education section, they actually do.Of course, the experience matters the most, but what happens when there are two candidates who have equal experience?The education section is the one that can make a difference in this case.Some candidates were very active during college or university, attended lectures and volunteered in a variety of activities, which is a strong proof that they worked on upgrading their knowledge.This section is the key one for scrubs with no previous experience.That’s where they grab the attention of the reader (recruiter, in this situation) and keep him/her interested. (So, you better have something valuable to add here if you are planning to send your first ever application).Here’s what you may highlight in this section:The college, academy, university (even an online course) you’ve graduated from.Your GPA score (if very high).Essays youve written, projects youve participated in and seminars youve attended.Clubs or organizations in which you are a member (ideally the ones that are surgery-related).Again, always make sure not to stray away from your main profession- surgical tech, so be careful that everything you list in this section needs to be in some relation with the job you are applying for.THE MOST WANTED SKILLS ON SURGICAL TECH C VMeasuring by the importance, this section is almost equal to Experience, as it reveals details about your personality, in a way. We already said scrubs need to be efficient above all, fast-thinkers, able to act independently and provide professional assistance to surgeons. And they also need to learn and upgrade constantly.Be as precise as possible when listing skills you have, as sometimes a detail that may seem irrelevant to you will be of crucial importance to your future employer.Point out if there was something that was specifically your duty, and which of your skills was the key one to perform it as best as possible.The best would be to avoid the common ones that are the usual scope of obligations for scrubs, but if there’s nothing particular you can list, even those will do. In that case, try to express them in some creative way. Right Wrong Pro TipA quick tip:We all have some awesome and unusual skills we are proud of, but we should avoid them in our resume. The fact that you can “blow a bubble gum balloon of 50cm” or “excel in limbo dance” has nothing to do with how well you perform while in the hospital, right?So, even if you lack some specific skills, it’s okay to write some common and broad ones (communication, language, computer and similar) than listing some silly stuff.HOW TO SCRUB AND POLISH YOUR RESUME TO PERFECTION- ULTIMATE TIPS AND TRICKSTo make sure that your CV will look absolutely flawless, as a final touch, we have prepared a brief reminder for you.Being a surgical tech is a responsible job, so make sure you apply that virtue while writing the resume.So, before you click “send”, “submit” or whatever else, these are what you should do:Review the resume â€" Go through it once again just to make sure it looks good even when just skimming it. Getting another opinion would be excell ent, so if you have a friend who’s already receiving countless resumes daily and who has a clear picture of what employers pay attention to, ask him to check yours and tell you the impressions.If your CV is an endless journey of scrolling, cut it short Even if you have so many things to say about your education, rich experience and so on, someone from the other side of the screen simply hasn’t got enough time to read it. So, one page is the ideal length, two is maximum if there are indeed so many valuable information you would like to share with the recruiter.Check if it’s optimized for the position In the ideal world, we should all have a different CV for each of the vacancies we re applying for, but sometimes there’s not so much time for that. So, adapting it to the job advertisement is the least you can do. Sometimes it’s just several words you need to change and make it sound suitable.Make sure it’s eye-friendly When encountering a huge block of text, we all freak ou t, recruiters are no exception to the rule. Making it readable is essential, and that is possible by proper formatting, highlighting and using bullet points where appropriate. The whole idea is to make it quick and easy to read. Of course, don’t go all dots and colors crazy, use those options wisely to stress out some key points from your resume. The same goes for font, choose the most ordinary one (Calibri, Helvetica, Times New Roman and similar), because they are the easiest ones to read.Do the grammar examination of your CV If you are not sure whether your resume has some typos, or if there are any grammar errors which could damage your credibility, have your CV checked by the proofreader. Sometimes even the tiniest mistake may ruin an excellent opportunity, and yours is to boost the chances to get the job, not to minimize them.Have both digital and physical copy of your resume You never know what might happen (electricity shortage, PDF reader won’t load and so on), so to be well-prepared, create both variants of your CV. AS for the digital one, create PDF and TXT version, and the recruiter may select the one he/she prefers.The final double-checking of data validity Sometimes while in the hurry to apply for the job we may forget to check out if all the data are up to date. If the recruiter encounters some non-adjusted information in your CV which you failed to correct, the chance is gone. So, checking out the personal info section several times is of vital importance.Have a go with our resume template â€" Just add or eliminate the unnecessary sections, that’s how our template works. It will be a useful associate of yours when looking for the job because it will minimize the process of writing the resume all over again and leave you more time to apply for more positions.FINAL THOUGHTSWe hope you enjoyed our comprehensive guide on how to write the surgical resume. It may look like a long journey, but once you apply all the tricks and tips we gave you, y ou will be surprised how amazing your CV will look.Now that you know how to arrange your skillset adequately and what you should point out in that section, what to emphasize in your Education and how to write down your work experience and contributions properly, chances to score that amazing job are much bigger.If you are still unsure how to write the perfect resume and not sure whether the layout is okay, give the chance to resume template builder. This tool plus all the advice from us equal maximal chances to get the job you truly love.Have the best of luck with finding your ideal job! Create your own resume

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Reflective Journal Essay - 3354 Words

Before the main discussion of the reflective journal, the author would firstly like to identify that how the â€Å"organisational wellness† subject affected her. In the beginning, the author chose this subject due to the reqirement that she must choose six units of third-year level to complete her degreee. And she didn’t have any knowledge about this subject before she decided to choose it. When she attended the first lecture of â€Å"organisational wellness† , she only has abstract and vague concept of the unit learning objectives. After the ten weeks’ learning, she has clearer and better understanding of herself and she has known some important concepts which should be considered when addressing the wellbeing problem in the workplace. On the†¦show more content†¦Cubby (2007) wrote that employees’ suicide were related to the extreme work stress in Telstra. According to the news, Greg Winn, Telstra’s chief operations officer said th at â€Å"WE RUN an absolute dictatorship and thats whats going to drive this transformation and deliver results.† (Cubby, 2007) Furthermore, Greg Winn claim that the employees in Telstra must try any measures to persuade customers to accept the service that they offered. And Telstra were tracking employees’ productivity. If the employees don’t operate and satisfy the superior’s reqirement, they would be fired from Telstra. As such a workplace environment with extreme pressure to meet Telstra’s goal and get profit, some employees committed suicide. Hence, the organisation should not only focus on the economic goal, but also should know emloyees’ view of health identities. If they just focus on the economic goal and ignore employee’s health, the productivity of employees would lower than normal level or even worse. Also they may lead to negative effects on employees. In a word, the â€Å"Model of Working Welll† is important to the organisations and individuals. After I learned this topic, I realized that we should consider both perspectives of health ideologies. If the organisation or individual just consider their own benefit but ignore another party’s perspective, the wellness program would not efficient. Moreover, I consider I will applyShow MoreRelatedReflective Journal1701 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿Topic 1: Meeting the customer requirements (Oakland 2003) is a reasonable definition of quality. Meeting the Customer’s requirements is a tough challenge as the requirements of customer are like the water of a tide; it’s likely to change at any point of time. So identifying the expectations of the customer and performing service in accordance to it is a task that requires great skill. But at the end of the day if customer’s expectation is met and the customer is satisfied with the product, weRead MoreReflective Journal on Negotiation1192 Words   |  5 PagesReflective Journal on negotiation Part 1 In the past four weeks, my study group members and me had took part in three negotiation simulations. The first one is that we are Newcastle local car dealer and want to sell used car to Japanese international student ( other group ).In this negotiation simulation, we keep our price first, let other group know the market price of this kind of car and let them give the price in their mind, then base on this price we give a 25% higher price with 1 year volunteerRead MoreA Reflection Of A Reflective Journal1593 Words   |  7 PagesA ‘reflective journal’ which is a document written by a student to record the progress of learning. It is a personal record of the student s learning experiences and is a space where a learner can record and reflect upon their observations and responses to situations, which can be used to explore and analyse ways of thinking. The aim of this particular journal is to show thoughts, reflections and experience recorded during the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise (PGDipBE) which I followedRead MoreReflective Journal Sample1190 Words   |  5 PagesMinh Nguyen Journal 4 ELC 689 February, 8th 2010 What I have learned for the first four weeks of the course has prompted me to initiate new policies in testing administration together with training workshops for teachers in my division. The aims are to work toward better quality test practice: using tests for reflection on students’ progress rather than failing or passing students and improving the present test giving practice in weak areas such as validity, reliability, wash back. My reflectionRead MoreExample of Reflective Journal757 Words   |  4 PagesExamples of reflective writing Example of reading log Here are some examples of reflective writing in Education, focusing on school experience rounds. EDF1302 Assessment 2: Observation and analysis While on fieldwork, I observed a number of learning situations and while doing this I took notes on the presence of pedagogical dimensions. For this piece I will be exploring the dimensions of Intellectual Quality and Supportive Classroom Environment respectively. I will begin with the descriptionRead MoreBlumhardt.Session1. Journal. 1. Session1 Journal Reflective724 Words   |  3 PagesBlumhardt.Session1. Journal 1 Session1 Journal Reflective Paper Writing Assessment Nakeesha Blumhardt Colorado Christian University Blumhardt.Session1. Journal Session1 Journal Reflective Paper Writing Assessment 2 While attending Colorado Christian University, also known as CCU to most scholars and staff alike my academic goal is to finish my degree program from the beginning to the end. I plan to dedicate myself to not only finishing my degree here with CCU but also using the invaluable knowledgeRead MoreReflective Journal On The Aspects Of Leadership Essay1543 Words   |  7 PagesReflective Journal on the Aspects of Leadership This reflective journal will focus on authentic leadership and its role in establishing an empowering work environment. I had realized there were patient safety concerns at the moment of handoff for many years. Once I took on a leadership role it became even more evident that nurse to nurse handoff is a critical point where errors can happen. As part of my daily routine, I round to get a feel for the department, staff, and patients. I began to noticeRead MoreEthics Game Reflective Journal1042 Words   |  5 PagesEthics Game Reflective Journal HCS/478 Health Law and Ethics April 16, 2012 Judy Ceppaglia Ethics Game Reflective Journal Ethical dilemmas surface daily in professional nursing practice. Whether you work in acute care, long-term care, hospice care, ambulatory care, managed care, or public health care chances are you will be responsible for making decisions in a situation of ethical concern. The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the ethical issues presented in the Ethics Game simulationRead MoreReflective Journal : Workshop 1 Essay1284 Words   |  6 Pages Reflective Journal: Workshop 1 As an educator, it is vital for one to reflect upon what it means to be an effective teacher, in addition to reflecting upon one’s instructional strengths and weaknesses. There are many facets that contribute to the definition of an effective teacher. In order to be an effective teacher, it’s important to consciously focus on those facets in order to ensure one’s success as well as the success of one’s students. We live in a diverse world, and it is importantRead MoreReflective Journal Hrm Strategy3602 Words   |  15 PagesHRM Reflective Journal on seminars covered between week 5, 6, 8 and 10 7011EHR HRM Strategy Lecturer: Dr Maree Boyle Student’s Name: Student’s Number: Date of submission: 08. October 2012 Table of content 1. Reflective Journal for week 5: Changing role of HRM in the 21 century 2 1.1. Explain 2 1.2. Expand 2 1.3. Critical Reflection/Analysis 3 2. Reflective Journal for week 6: SHRM in an international context 4 2.1. Explain 5 2.2. Expand 5 2.1. Critical

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Motivation, Stress, and Communication - 1713 Words

Motivation, Stress and Communication: As part of analyzing motivation, stress, and communication in the workplace, I have selected the position of human service manager in United Way of Central Indiana. The company is located in Indianapolis and focuses on helping to sustain significant services for people in need of help and preventing the occurrence of such needs for future generations. United Way of Central Indiana has two major priorities that are centered on providing important human services and education. On the human services priority, the organization seeks to lessen obstacles and enhance abilities for individuals and families to realize their potentials. In education, it seeks to assist children to be willing and ready to learn and help students to get to grade level in math and reading. The vision of the company is to see a community where children, people and families thrive as they care for each other and proud of their quality of life. In order for the firm to work effe ctively across its various operations, there is need for employing a human services manager. This position basically entails initiatives towards meeting human needs through enhancing the quality of life for the people it serves. Human Services Manager Job Description: Human Services Manager is involved in several tasks and job responsibilities like administering performance management systems, compensation, benefits, and safety and recreation programs. He/she also advices the managersShow MoreRelatedMotivation, Stress and Communication: A Personal Analysis1822 Words   |  7 PagesMotivation, Stress and Communication: A Personal Analysis Job Description Registered Nurses (RN) are one of the most high demand positions in the hospital setting. The Registered Nurse performs many essential patient functions and is an important member of the care team. RNs work directly with patients and their families. They are a primary contact point between the patient and their health care team. Their duties include: patient evaluations monitoring and tracking vital signs performingRead MoreMotivation, Stress, and Communication in the Work Environment1300 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Running Head: Motivation, Stress, and Communication Motivation, Stress, and Communication Motivation, Stress, and Communication As the world has crossed the threshold of twenty-first century, the phenomenon of business community has transformed, resulted in a more competitive world. This trend exposes the fact that enterprises whether big or small are confronting challenges at an unprecedented rate. Consequently, everybody needs to develop an efficient and effective work environment in orderRead MoreGoal Setting Theory: Motivation, Stress, and Communication1278 Words   |  5 PagesMotivation, Stress, and Communication Motivation, Stress, and Communication Introduction Goal-setting has progressively become a prominent tool of performance utilized by individuals and business organizations. Companies attain their success by setting long and short-term targets which provide them with direction in productive channels economically. Some of the common attributed elements in goal setting include: sales, services, products, and customer relations in general. The setting of goalsRead MoreMotivation, Stress, and Communication: Leadership and Organizational Behavior1374 Words   |  6 PagesMotivation, Stress, and Communication BUS 520 Leadership and Organizational Behavior August 21, 2012 â€Æ' Create a brief job description for a position within the company you research that you would like to fill. Emory is among the top 20 universities in the country and is internationally recognized for its academics, groundbreaking research and technological advances with staff, faculty and students representing all regions of the United States and more than 100 foreign nations. As an Emory employeeRead MoreTeam Environment Evaluation1292 Words   |  5 PagesEvaluation Executive Summary The following pages focus on providing an evaluation of a medium sized marketing company. The paper provides an analysis of the companys team structure, employee satisfaction, communication between managers and employees, motivational strategy, and stress management. The paper also presents a Recommendations section that can be used in this situation. The Conclusions section presents some of the most important issues addressed by the paper. Team Analysis The companyRead MoreThe Concise Encyclopedia of Management1645 Words   |  7 Pages1) Motivation stems from the Latin word movere, which means to move. Motivation is some driving force within individuals by which they attempt to achieve some goal in order to fulfill some need or expectation It is clear from the case study that Commonwealth Bank applies a spectrum of motivational theories to promote good customer service. The behavior of people is revealed by what motivates them. Performance is the result of both ability and motivation: Performance = function (ability x motivation)Read MoreOrganizational Behavior Essay1591 Words   |  7 Pagesglobally aware employees. Motivation is the extent to which persistent effort is directed toward a goal. In the workplace there is intrinsic motivation that stems from the direct relationship between the worker and the task; which is usually self applied. There is also extrinsic motivation that stems from the work environment external to the task; others usually apply it. According to Abraham Maslow a psychologist who developed and refined a general theory of human motivation, humans have five setsRead MoreWomen On The Move Essay1553 Words   |  7 PagesDesign an organization motivation plan that encourages: high job satisfaction, low turnover, high productivity, high-quality work There is a direct connection between employee motivation and job satisfaction. Although our company prides itself on its employees, from a legal standpoint, we cannot entice our workers individually. It must be presented equally across the board. However, a plan which creates an atmosphere where workers are motivated to perform at a higher level should be set intoRead MoreProfessionalism Of The Nursing Professional1007 Words   |  5 Pagesthe characteristics of the nursing professional. These characteristics include motivation, communication skills, solving problems and making decisions, managing conflict, and managing time and stress. Motivation comes from within. They involve internal factors, such as involvement, recognition of achievement, and the feeling of being treated with fairness and respect. Covey (2004) stated that, â€Å"motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chancesRead MoreQuestions On Motivation And Motivation Essay1288 Words   |  6 Pages 5. IMPORTANT OF MOTIVATION In everything we do in life, we need to be motivated to get the best out of us. Motivation can be described as a way of getting people to be enthusiastic about their work. However, the employee has to be made to feel that the work they perform is worthwhile. They should understand that good work is rewarded. The employees also put more efforts when they are treated fairly. PERSONAL CONTEXT Motivation is applied in different areas of life including in domestic affairs.

Mid-Term Break Seamus Heaney Free Essays

Seamus Heaney ‘Mid-Term Break’ The main theme of ‘Mid-Term Break’ is the tragedy of the death of a young child, whose life ‘break[s]’ when he is only four years old; this tragedy also ‘break[s]’ the lives of others, specifically the child’s parents and brother. The tone of the poem is very sombre, as it explores the manifold ways in which lives are broken and shattered by death. In literal terms, the title refers to the ‘Mid-term Break’ of a school vacation; in this sense it is highly ironic, as the holiday the poem’s narrator gets from school after ‘six weeks’ of classes is not for a vacation, but for a funeral. We will write a custom essay sample on Mid-Term Break Seamus Heaney or any similar topic only for you Order Now However, as indicated in reference to the theme, ‘break’ has other meanings relating to the broken life of the dead child and to the broken life of those close to him. Additionally, ‘Mid-Term’ can be read not just as referring to a school holiday, but to a term of life; thus the child’s life has been broken prematurely, in ‘mid-term. ’ So while on a literal level the title refers to a school vacation, on a metaphoric level it refers to a life which has been broken before its natural span. Though the poem is set out in even three-lined verses, except for the anomalous last line, it is actually structured around three geographic locales, locales which are also distinguished from each other in temporal terms: the ‘college,’ location of the first verse, in which the narrator remains ‘all morning’ until ‘two o’clock,’ the narrator’s house, mainly the front porch and front room, where the narrator remains until ‘ten o’clock’ at night when the body is brought home and, finally, the upstairs room where the corpse is laid out, which the narrator visits the ‘Next morning. The movement is one from the exterior world of school and non-familial acquaintances, to the interior world of the house, friends and family, and finally to the upstairs room where the narrator stands alone with the body of his brother. This movement can reflect the way in which death isolates us and sets us apart: as the narrator i s increasingly isolated, finally left alone with the corpse, so death separates us from normal human interactions and leaves us alone to confront our mortality. This sense of increasing alienation from the world of normative human existence is marked throughout the poem. The first people the narrator refers to, in the first verse of the poem, are the ‘neighbours’ who drove him home; however, once at home, he is disconcerted to find his ‘father crying,’ an action which the narrator regards as disturbingly abnormal for a man who ‘had always taken funerals in his stride. ’ The baby’s actions in ‘coo[ing] and laugh[ing] and rock[ing] the pram’ also disturb the narrator, as he clearly finds them incongruous; he is further ‘embarrassed/By old men standing up to shake [his] hand//And tell [him] they were ‘sorry for [his] trouble. ’ Alienation is increased as the narrator now uses personification to create a sense of disembodiment: ‘Whispers informed strangers I was the eldest;’ he is further distressed by his mother’s reaction, as she ‘coughed out angry tearless sighs. ’ Here, the unusual collocation of ‘coughed’ and ‘sighsâ€⠄¢ works to create a sense of disturbance and discord: it is almost as if the mother’s actions make no logical sense. Finally, the narrator feels alienated even from his young brother: it is not his brother who is brought home at night but a ‘corpse, stanched and bandaged by the nurses. ’ Thus the narrator feels increasingly set apart from the world around him, even distanced from the body of his brother, profoundly alienated and intensely self-conscious of his own alienation. This self-consciousness, finally, is emphasised by the extensive use of the subject pronoun ‘I,’ the object pronoun ‘me’ and the possessive determiner ‘my’ in the first six verses of the poem. The narrator declares ‘I sat all morning;’ ‘our neighbours drove me;’ ‘I met my father;’ ‘I came in, and I was embarrassed;’ ‘to shake my hand;’ ‘tell me they were ‘sorry for my trouble;’’ ‘I was the eldest;’ ‘my mother held my hand;’ ‘I went up into the room’ This extensive self-reference is only abandoned in the last few lines of the poem, when the narrator finally looks at the body of his brother, ‘him,’ as ‘Wearing a poppy bruise on his left temple,/He lay in the four foot box as in his cot†¦. the bumper knocked him clear. ’ From a state of almost morbid self-awareness, therefore, the narrator is brought into a contemplation of his brother’s body, a contemplation that leads him to reflect not just upon the subjective embarrassment he feels, but upon the objective tragedy of his brother’s death. How to cite Mid-Term Break Seamus Heaney, Papers

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Womens Movements Essays - Counterculture Of The 1960s,

Women's Movements Before the women's movements in the United States, women who were treated unfairly and not given any equal rights as men had suffered great tragedy. There tragedy was the way the society had treated them cruelly such as 1women once only had the option of teaching, and nursing, as career opportunities. Women would usually have the role of staying home and taking care of children and the home. Now after the first and second waves of the women's movements, women now are treated with great respect and given independent freedom. And carry a great deal of triumph. 5Women's Movements are group efforts, chiefly by women, that seek to improve women's lives or the lives of others. Probably the best known women's movements are those that have engaged in political efforts to change the roles and the status of women in society. A women's traditional role throughout history was wife or mother dominated, and most women's lives have been centered around their household. 2Women's Movements usually concentrate primarily on equal rights, freedom, and greater social, economic and political involvement for women. In history, there have been two major women's movements, the first wave was concentrated on gaining voting rights for women. 9On August 26,1920, the nineteenth amendment was added on to the amendments of the Constitution of the United States of America. This amendment stated that women now have the right to vote. During the second wave of the women's movement, there had been many organizations setup to help women unite, such as the Women's Equity Action League (WEAL), the Women's Trade Union League (WTUL), the National American Women Suffrage Association (NAWSA), the National Organization for Women (NOW), the National Women's Party, the National Women's Political Caucus (NWPC), and many more.2The second wave, which emerged in the 1960's, was concentrated mainly on political and social changes in many areas of the world. These contemporary women's movement have sought greater equality for women in the family, workplace, and political life. 2Women's movement's have won greater freedom for women to as self-sufficient rather than dependent wives or daughters. 3Many great American women have contributed greatly to the to the rights women now have. One of the women who played a big role in gaining voting rights for women was Susan B. Anthony. 8Susan B. Anthony was born in Adams, Massachusetts on February 15, 1820. She was an American Pioneer for women's rights in the 19th century. Anthony also helped found (1886) the American Equal Rights Association, In order to work for the Women's Suffrage in 1869. In which she also helped establish the National Women's Suffrage Association. From 1892 to 1900, 10Anthony was president of the National Women's Suffrage Association. In 1872 she was arrested for attempting to vote, claiming the provisions of the 14th and 15th amendments applied to all citizens, male and female. Her ceaseless work and travel made women's suffrage a recognized cause in both America and Europe. 3Jane Addams another American women's rights advocate also was a American social reformer, and pacifist. She was born in Cedarville Illinois, on September 6, 1860. In 1889, influenced by British precedents, she founded Hull House in Chicago, in which she and other social reformers lived and worked to improve the city slums. Hull House became a model for many other settlement houses in the United States. Jane Addams became president of the Women's National League for peace and freedom in 1919. Together with Nicholas Murray Butler, she received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931. She also supported investigation that resulted in child labor reform, an eight - hour working day for women and better housing. She wrote two books called Democracy and Social Ethics (1902) and Twenty Years at the Hull House (1910). She died on May 21, 1935. 7Elizabeth Blackwell was born in Bristol, England, in 1821 into a large, progressive family. Elizabeth's father believed in fully educating his daughters as well as his sons, an unusual idea at the time. In 1832 they came to America. Some years later, the death of their father, Elizabeth and her sisters setup a private school for girls. Elizabeth became dissatisfied with teaching as a career. She decided that she wanted to do something in medicine. In the middle of the nineteenth century the thought of a woman becoming a doctor was as preposterous as it was shocking. 8Elizabeth began her ambition by studying medicine as a private pupil of prominent physicians of Philadelphia. Her teachers were impress by her capacity for hard work and strong stomach. She copped better with the procedures